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Brass Toggle Switch Parts

Bharti Brass has well-equipped units with multi-station indexing machinery for the production of Copper Zinc alloy-based electrical switch parts, meeting the immense demand requirements of brass terminals used in modular switches. We also distribute a group of services as per client requirements.

We create a complete range of brass mechanical switch parts like brass knobs, brass studs, brass switch body, brass lock nuts, and metal caps which are used in mechanical switches like a toggle switch, rotary switch, rocker switch, and push-pull switches.

In auto electrical sensors and switches, many parts are similar, Bharti Enterprise manufactures wide range of Brass Housings, Brass Inserts, Brass Terminals, brass Bushes, Brass Rivets, Brass Spindles, Brass Contacts, Brass Mounting Nuts & Bolts, Brass Pins which are used in Switches & Sensors, Reverse Light/Neutral safety switches, Brake light/Stop light switches, like Handlebar Switches, Combination Switches , Oil pressure switches, Temperature switches, Radiator fan thermostat switches, Solenoid switches/valves, Ignition/Starter switches, Battery cut-off/Isolator Switches, Heater plug/Resistor plug, Electronic flasher/relays, Lighting Switches, Turn Signal Switches, Power Steering Switches, Hazard Warming Switches, Temperature sensors, Flow sensors, oil pressure sensors, water meter sensors, Thermostats, Heat duct sensors, Boiler probes, Ventilation Duct Sensors, Coolant temperature sensors, Gasoline System Sensors, Fuel Filter Sensors, Microwave Oven Probes, Power Shower, Autoclave Probes, Heat Sink Sensors, Spa Probes, Sauna Sensors, Bimetal thermometer, Optoelectronic switches, Inclination sensor, Float switches & Proximity Sensors.

Special Features of Brass Switch Parts

High Accuracy Durability Ultrasonic processing facility Corrosion resistance
Product proficiency Superior quality High volume cost benefit Corrosion resistance
Mass production Capacity Perfect Finishing & Accuracy Total cost advantage for customer High Strength


CuZn38 Pb1.5, BSS 249, BS2874/86, CuZn35, IS 4170/67, CuZn40, CuZn37, Cz108, IS 2704/83, CuZn35Pb1, CZ121Pb3, Cz109, Free Cutting Brass IS 319/89(Grade I,II & III), or As per customer Requirements

Standards Thread

ISO Thread (METRIC), BA Threads, BSC Threads, BSP Threads, BSB Threads, BSW Thread, BSF Threads, BS 3692, UNC – UNF – UNEF Threads

Finishing & Coating

Natural Plating, Tin Plating, Zinc Plating, Nickle Plating, Silver Plating, Chrome Plating, As per customer’s specification
Make in India

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