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The amazing sequence of success of Bharti Enterprise began with a start-up in 1979 with a vision to serve the Indian emotive creation as a solitary manufacturing source that, assumes main quality material at low-cost rates. Today, our journey of small steps leaves a bigger track in more than 4 countries and we are supplying our material to many OEMs of automotive sector companies.

Bharti Enterprise now covers various industrial sectors: automotive, electrical, heavy, plastic molding, computer peripherals, fibre optics, etc.


With its plan to set up and facilities, Bharti Enterprise manufactures a large range of brass precision turned and forged components. In the huge field of manufacturing of brass precision turned components, we have made our USP (Unique Selling Point) by making stable and original improvements. Our production is highly customer-centric, i.e., it is focused on your wishes and needs. Thus, Our involvement and services just got bigger and better with every order we got.

It is our strong belief that being a supplier means more than just the making of parts. Our work begins much earlier than that. The security of quality and supply is our main motto. Production and supply should go simultaneously with each other and that’s why we believe in just-in-time delivery. Our products have wide applications in many industries.

Research & Development

Our skilled engineers handle all aspects of product development, adapting to customer requirements and using CAD/Solid Works for accuracy. We ensure quality by checking pressure and operations.

Our Network

We have global supplies in countries like US, UK, Germany and many more. We provide global standard material, top quality, and competitive rates for customers worldwide.

Our Team

We have a well-trained team of highly expert engineers taking care of every small range and assuring the best quality material, we believe in one piece material check system to avoid grievances in supply and maintaining regular QC at various stages of product manufacturing.

Our Certification

Our Journey


Bharti Enterprise incorporated with a dream to serve auto industry as a manufacturing company


Company started a systematic production unit with a new and large set up.


Forward Integration – Nitesh Enterprise was started to put into the auto components trading business.


Company entered into manufacturing of Brass Agro and Brass Electrical components


One more manufacturing firm Geeta Enterprise incorporated to handle the expanding base of customers


Entered into the global market, received its first export order.


Received ISO 9001-2008


Company started trading of Brass forged components


Entered into copper parts manufacturing


We are now TUV certified company with a new huge & better work place
Make in India

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