Brass Washer

Brass washers

One of the major applications of washers is to give support to structural elements while fastening, it helps the Nut-Bolts to prevent self losing during this process.

Bharti Brass manufactures different types of washers like flat washers, flat washers with cut, lock washers, square washers, spherical washers which are made from brass, carbon steel and aluminum as per their usage

Types of Washers

  • Brass Flat Washers
  • Spherical Washers
  • Square Washer
  • Lock Washer
  • Flat Washer with cut

Special Features

Low Friction Properties Help in reducing vibration Highly utilitarian Minimize noise levels


CuZn38 Pb1.5, BSS 249, BS2874/86, CuZn35, IS 4170/67, CuZn40, CuZn37, Cz108, IS 2704/83, CuZn35Pb1, CZ121Pb3, Cz109, Free Cutting Brass IS 319/89 (Grade I, II & III), or As per customer Requirements

Standards Thread

ISO Thread (METRIC), BA Threads, UNC – UNF – UNEF Threads, BSC Threads, BSP Threads, BSB Threads, BSW Thread, BS 3692, BSF Threads

Finishing & Coating

Natural Plating, Tin Plating, Zinc Plating, Nickle Plating, Silver Plating, Chrome Plating, As per customer’s specification
Make in India

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